Xi Wang Mu, 2 oz

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Tuesday February 1st 2022 is the first day of the Chinese New Year, making February the perfect month to celebrate Xi Wang Mu, one of the most ancient goddesses and a revered dispenser of prosperity, longevity, and eternal bliss. In Chinese mythology, the west represents all thing mythical and mysterious and the setting sun symbolizes the crossing over of souls to the afterlife.

Xi Wang Mu lives in a golden palace on a jade mountain attended by beautiful fairies and enchanted animals. She tends the gardens where the sacred peach trees of immortality grow and every 3000 years when the peaches ripen, she invites all her friends to a great feast to share them (she also wears in them in her headdress). 

Picture the magical moment when the sun setting in the west suddenly turns the entire evening sky to glowing cotton-candy; This exquisite glitter mix evokes that natural wonder with a color-shifting sky-blue blend drenched in warm sunset colors. A sprinkling of pale blue stars peek out as dusk turns to evening.