Sazerac: June 2022, Cook Book Glitter Series

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"The perfect Sazarac is a foxy brown-red, the hue that rye whiskey attains when stained with a few dashes of Peychaud's bitters...It's raspy brown-liquor base smooths out like melted chocolate with a touch of sufar and a swirl around the glass of breathy, anise-flavored Herbsaint; Angostura bitters add a warm, quiet spiciness. A twist of lemon, its essential oils releasing as you drink, is the Sazarac's versatile mediator, brightening the whiskey, steadying the sugar, and matching the bitters with it's own dull bitterness."

- Sara Roahen, Gumbo Tales


Blended to a gorgeous shade evoking the distinctive ruby-tinted warm amber-brown of New Orleans' most famous cocktail, we kick off the Cook Book Glitter Series with our June 2022 offering: "Sazarac." 2 oz of ultrafine blended glitter.