Pele January 2022 Goddess Glitter Ltd. Ed

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An ambitious and tempestuous Goddess, many legends warn of the consequences of angering Pele. Madame Pele is also extraordinarily talented at creating volcanoes and, by extension, the Hawai’ian islands.

Pele’s association with volcanoes highlights the duality of her nature: volcanic activity can be intensely destructive but the eruption of lava from the earth’s core births entire oceanic islands. Our January glitter evokes this moment of profound transition: hot lava (a flame-colored chunky glitter mix) sparkles among shimmering smoky ashes (powdery-soft holographic gunmental gray colored shred glitter). That creative shift drove our January 2022 Goddess selection: it represents our hope that out of the suffering and destruction we’ve all experienced, Pele will guide the flow of creative energy from the very core of who we are into the rebuilding of our cultural community

The glittery ashes featured so prominently in the Pele mix also nod to Lafacadio Hearn’s famous 1877 quote about New Orleans and the nature of living here:

“Times are not good here. The city is crumbling into ashes...but it is better to live here in sackcloth and ashes than to own the whole state of Ohio.”

(Let’s glue a few sequins onto our sackcloth before we head into Carnival season, but otherwise we agree.)