NOLA Craft Culture Edible Glitter

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Edible sparkle!  Try it on your favorite baked treats, mixed into your favorite cocktails, or just to add a little glorious sparkle to any meal.  Vegan, kosher, halal, and cruelty-free, each jar is made in the US and comes with 4 grams of edible glitter that will go a loooong way.  The standard line includes four edible dusts (Golden Goddes, Fae Queen, Purple Empress, and Midnight Magenta) and fourteen (fourteen!) edible glitters.  Can't decide which to get? The Big Box of Joy includes one jar of every single dust and glitter in the standard edible line, so you don't have to choose.

And now, NOLA Craft Culture also offers special color-changing edible reveal glitter! All the fabulous features of our edible glitter but with an extra special effect: the reveal glitters are colorless until added to clear liquid, when they turn Baby Pink or Baby Blue!