Mini Bead Essentials

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The Mini Bead Essentials Set includes:
- 2 x size 6 hand needles, 2 x size 8 hand needles
- 1 bow-style needle threader
- 1 x 55 yard spool of white K.O. Waxed Nylon Thread 
- 1 package of "Bead Soup" (approx. 25-30g mixed glass beads)

You can buy the Essentials set with or without a 1 oz jar of "Verdigris" (our favorite shade for glittering tree branches)

Try combining the mini bead essentials kit with a la carte bead kits & packages, artificial branches to make bead trees, mini fences to make bead fences, and Carnival table kits!

Artificial Tree Branch:

Mini Wrought Iron Fence:

Mini Picket Fence: