Mama Quilla September 2021 Goddess Glitter Ltd. Ed

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In September, ancient Incans celebrated the Great Feast of the Moon (see right). Our September glitter honors Mama Quilla (also called Mama Killa or “Mother Moon”), a Lunar Deity and wife of the Sun God Inti. As the Goddess of the moon, Mama Quilla protected women, oversaw marriage, and was important in calculating the calendar. Incans believed that when Mama Quilla wept, her tears turned to silver and this was where the precious metal came from. Eclipses occurred when a heavenly jaguar consumed Mother Moon.

Mama Quilla’s glitter is an intense, brilliant silver mix that prominently features holographic silver and silver firework dots to invoke the hammered silver disks used to represent her in Incan places of worship. Mama Quilla’s charm is a pearly crescent moon stone on a silver hoop.