La Sirene July 2021 Goddess Glitter Ltd. Ed

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 Our July Goddess Glitter is a dramatic, aquatic-themed mix inspired by La Sirène, a mermaid “lwa” (spirit) from Haitian Vodou (or Voodoo).

Born at the intersection of many mythologies, La Sirène is the consort of the water God Agwe and Queen of the Ocean. La Sirène brings luck and wealth to her followers and carries a golden trumpet.

The July Goddess Glitter is a rich mix of deep blues and teals, an invitation to dive deep into La Sirène’s watery realm. The richness of the deeply saturated color-shifting tones in the glitter invokes the beauty of ocean and a subtle sprinkling of tiny sequins throughout the mix call to mind bubbles and nod to the tradition of Haitian sequin artistry.

The charm this month is a beautiful patina mermaid combined with small “offerings” La Sirène might add to her vast troves of treasure (a pearl and recycled glass bead the color of sea glass) on a bronze lobster claw clasp.