Ishtar June 2021 Goddess Glitter Ltd. Ed

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The first glitter in NOLA Craft Culture’s Limited Edition Goddess Glitter Series is also the first recorded Goddess in history, Ishtar (also called Inanna). Ishtar was described as an exceptionally beautiful warrior woman, and said to be made of lapis lazuli, silver and wood.

This month’s is inspired by the Ishtar Gate, an elaborate series of walls decorated with tiles that have been glazed blue (to evoke lapis lazuli) and accented with golden depictions of symbols of Ishtar. As part of the Walls of Babylon, the Ishtar Gate was considered one of the original seven wonders of the world. Ishtar’s Glitter is a mix of rich shimmering blue and gold squares with a smattering of golden hex to evoke the wall’s rosettes. The use of squares combined with the color scheme of the Ishtar Gate yields a glamourous, modern take on the famous tile mosiac imagery.

The Ishtar Set includes 2 oz of chunky "Ishtar" glitter mix, and a charm made up of a square of lapis lazuli stone with a silver eight-pointed “Star of Ishtar” on a silver colored lobster claw clasp.