Hathor August 2021 Goddess Glitter Ltd. Ed

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A popular and powerful Egyptian Goddess, Hathor was a sky-diety associated with joy, music, dance, sexuality, beauty, and motherhood. Hathor was seen the personification of the Milky Way, which was thought to celestial milk flowing from a heavenly divine cow, nourishing all of creation with light and love.

In honor of Hathor’s role as the Milky Way, we’ve selected August (Milky Way “season”) as her month to be represented as a vibrant celestial-inspired glitter mix. Beautiful on its own,  Hathor’s glitter can be treated as a confetti and layered into a dark background to recreate Hubble Telescope images of the heart of the Milky Way.

The crystal hand charm for August represents the Five Gifts of Hathor, a ritual of gratitude performed in the goddess’ honor. Practitioners were instructed to hold up a hand and count off the five things they would most miss if they died that very moment. These five earthly blessings (one for each finger) were considered the Five Gifts of Hathor and looking at your hand was intended to be a reminder to be grateful for them every day.