Bead Tree Kit

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It's hard to imagine any symbol of Carnival time more beloved and evocative than the Bead Tree!

NOLA Craft Culture's Bead Tree Kit Includes everything you need to make a fabulous miniature scaled version of this Carnival classic for your throws!

- 1 x Plastic Branch
- 1 oz jar of "Dark Roast" ultrafine glitter
- 2 x size 6 hand needles, 2 x size 8 hand needles and one bow-style needle threader
- 1 x 55 yard spool of white K.O. Waxed Nylon Thread 
- 1 package of 4mm glass pearl beads (approx. 100 pearls)
- 1 antique silver-colored fleur de lis charm
- 1 package of purple, green and yellow glass "rice" beads (36 beads)
- 1 antique bronze colored crown charm
- 1 package of mized glass beads (approx. 25-30g)

Two "Bead Package" options are available:

BEAD PACKAGE A includes the following SIX bead kits: (1) Rubber Ducky Beads, (2) Crystal Shoe Bead, (3) Blue Shoe Bead, (4) Black Shoe Bead, (5) Blue & White Tile Beads, and (6) Green Ivy Beads

BEAD PACKAGE B includes the following FIVE bead kits: (1) Red & Silver Seahorse Beads, (2) Skull Beads, (3) Wine God Grape Cluster Beads, (4) Purple Iris Flower Beads, and (5) Green & Yellow Beer Mug Beads

BEAD PACKAGE C honors neighborhood walking parades! This package includes the following FIVE bead kits: (1) Twelfth Night Maid of Orleans (blue & gold Fleur de Lis), (2) Alien (available in red, purple, blue OR green) for the Sci-Fi walking parade in the Marigny, (3) Green Fairy, (4) Adult XXX and (5) Red Beans & Rice

BEAD PACKAGE D includes the following FIVE bead kits: (1) Titaness Purple Umbrella, (2) Cleopartra, (3) Lundi Gras Train & Float Flowers, (4) Black & Gold Coconut and (5) King Arthur Dragon

Please note that pictures that show finished mini beads are representations of possible kit components assembled might look like. No assembled bead strands are in any kits.

While pictures show one assembled strand per kit each bead kit actually contains enough beads to make multiple strands (one with a charm and several simpler strands) to really fill out your throw!

Craft Culture also offers bead kits individually a la carte (so you can buy Package A or B and then supplement with your favs). We're adding new a la carte options all the time so if you don't see your favorite parade or walking krewe represented be sure to let us know!!!